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Lipa, choice of a new generation

Faced with increasingly complicated and changeable working environment, independent and team work have become equally important.

We now are under increasing pressure from work meanwhile demanding obvious higher for our working conditions.

Characterized by laconic style, shinning colors, powerful wire arrangement and easy combination, Lipa has become the preferred choice of new generation staff.


Choose Lipa, find what you like

Combined with shining upper screen and “TT”shape feet, the liner shape assembly creates a modern office space. Screen with hanging hook and panel helps keep key points thus improve work efficiency.

The side panel beneath the table not only strenthens the frame but makes working condition neat and elegant.

Technical Details: 

CATEGORY : Malamine Tables 


SPECIFICATIONS : steel leg with "π" shape design ; Strong wire management.


Moon White, S-10C Oak

AVAILIBILITY : 2~8 weeks

PRICE : On Request